Top 5 Reasons to Invest in LiquidPiston

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider investing in LiquidPiston. Contact us today to learn more about investment opportunities.

We’ve always believed our ideas were unlike anything developed in the last 100 years for combustion engines. And the facts keep supporting that belief. 

From profitability to strong relationships with government and commercial partners, here’s why now is the perfect time to become a Liquid Piston investor

5 Reasons to Invest in LiquidPiston

Keep in mind that while these are our top reasons, this is only a narrowed-down list. There are many more factors that potentially make investing in LiquidPiston a worthwhile decision. 

10X More Powerful Engine

Our patented thermodynamic cycle is a revolution in engine efficiency. It makes it possible for our engines to deliver up to 10X more power-to-weight than a traditional engine. Our engines are also capable of running on a range of fuels, from Diesel to hydrogen (near zero carbon emissions). 

Patented Technology

We currently have 82 patents granted and pending. They cover a variety of subjects and applications, making it difficult for other companies to replicate what we do. We’re continually working to build on our innovation and ensure it’s protected in this way.

Market Opportunities

We’re aiming to revolutionize the $400B internal combustion engine market. And the plan is already set in motion, starting with various military applications. Soon, we’ll move on to consumer licensing and large-scale manufacturing, which makes our current investment opportunity all the more timely. 

Secured Contracts

Currently, we have more than $30M in government contracts. The projects involve things like making drones fly 2X farther, optimizing power supply lines, and further developing our engine technology. We know that this is just the beginning, as we’re examining growth options and paving the way for future applications for our technology. 

Revenue Growth

In 2022 alone we had 156% revenue growth, officially achieving profitability. Investing in LiquidPiston means joining us in our beginning stages and being part of our continuing growth story. 

How To Invest in LiquidPiston 

In reality, there are more reasons to become a LiquidPiston investor than we can cover on a single webpage. If you’re ready to join us or want to learn more about this investment opportunity, don’t hesitate to reach out. We love sharing our mission with people and showing them the many reasons why we believe we’re pioneering the future of engines.

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