The Combustion Engine Reimagined

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The X Engine is the 5th generation engine from LiquidPiston. It uses an optimized thermodynamic cycle with a higher compression ratio, constant volume combustion and over expansion to create the world’s most advanced rotary engine.

Traditional engines are incredibly inefficient. We asked ourselves why?

$20M in DoD, DARPA, and Army contracts already

Actively being evaluated for military applications
Drones, UAV

Successfully flew a 55lb UAV powered by our X-Mini Engine using jet fuel for the Army


11 LiquidPiston 30kW Gensets per pallet vs. 2 bulky 30kW Gensets per pallet would be a game changer for the military

LiquidPiston is tackling the $400B internal combustion market.


Military & Aerospace

Whether it’s a drone that can fly farther or the ability to fit 11 generators on a pallet instead of two, our small, versatile engines are solving some of the biggest problems for the military. No wonder the Department of Defense has awarded us over $10M to date.



Demand for electric vehicles is off the charts, with an expected growth of 380% more EVs on the road by 2030. That’s creating a problem. The demand for EVs is causing a shortage in precious metals like lithium. By using our engine we can make hybrid electric cars with 90% smaller batteries.


Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Planes are typically painted white because it weighs less than darker colors. If the color of the paint matters this much, imagine how important the weight of the engine is. By getting the same power with up to a 10X smaller engine, we’re opening up possibilities for air taxis.


Drones (UAS)

One of the key features of our 55 lb hybrid electric drones is the ability to turn the engine on and off mid-flight. Not only does that save fuel, but lets the drone quietly move into sensitive areas. The innovation made us a finalist in the US Army xTechSearch 3.0 competition.


Industrial Power Generation

A legacy diesel generator weighs an average of 900 pounds. You can imagine the difficulties of replacing a failing one at a hospital or bringing them to a city recovering from a natural disaster. With the same power and 10X less weight, ours are light enough to be carried by hand.

*market size projections for 2030

We Broke the Mold

Our revolutionary engine can’t be copied by imitators. We have 77 patents issued and pending, covering everything from out thermodynamic cycle to the manufacturing process.

We Make the Cars of the Future Possible

Hybrid Electrification

Battery-powered electric vehicles have challenges on the path to a renewable future. A typical electric battery weighs over 1,000 pounds and the amount of lithium, cobalt, and nickel currently needed to make them is unsustainable. Our small, efficient engines in a hybrid-electric car can make it possible for the battery to be 10X smaller.

36lbs of fuel can displace 1,000 pounds of battery
LPI Hybrid Power System eliminates 90% of battery pack
LPI engines allow more range for an electric vehicle by using smaller, lighter, more cost effective batteries
LPI's technology could be critical in addressing a possible lithium shortage


Hydrogen is the sixth fuel variation that has been proven to power the X Engine along with gasoline, propane, kerosene, diesel, and jet A fuel.
The only emission the X Engine produces from running on hydrogen fuel is water, making it a zero-emission, green engine

Our engine can run on green fuel sources like hydrogen.

X Engine vs.

A lot of people are familiar with the Wankel engine. We turned the traditional wankel inside out. Traditional Wankels have a triangle rotor in a peanut shaped housing. We have a peanut shaped rotor in a tri lobed shaped housing. By turning it inside out we solved all of the challenges of the old rotary including sealing, cooling, lubrication, emissions, and efficiency.

X-Engine architecture solves sealing, cooling, lubrication, emissions and efficiency challenges

Lightweight & Compact

Up to 80% smaller and lighter than the traditional piston Diesel engines.


Only two primary moving parts, optimally balanced.

High-Efficiency and Lower Fuel Consumption

The optimized thermodynamic cycle has the potential to decrease fuel consumption by 30%, thereby lowering CO2 emissions and the cost of running an engine

Quiet and Near-Zero Vibration

With lower pressure exhaust and just two moving components that are optimally balanced, the engine is inherently quiet, and offers exceptionally low vibration.

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We have 64 patents, 44 Issued and 20 Pending

We have 64 patents, 44 Issued and 20 Pending

Future Opportunities

Over the next 5 years, our goal is to target a high revenue growth trajectory.
Design as a service
Custom design and development of engines for clients
License to OEMs to make engines using IP
Upfront fees plus royalties
Making the core engine and selling


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The Team

Alexander Shkolnik

Co-Founder & CEO
PhD in Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence from MIT
Technical focus on leading teams in modeling dynamic systems, optimization and controls
50+ patents; 30 conference and journal papers
PI on $9M in government R&D programs

Nikolay Shkolnik

Co-Founder & CTO
PhD in Physics from University of Connecticut (UConn)
Former Clean Energy Program Director, GEN3
Motorola award for Creativity
60+ patents: engines, fuel cells, super capacitors, and other fields
TRIZ specialist

Per Suneby

SVP of Corporate Development and Board Director
MBA, Harvard; BASc Electrical Engineering, U. British Columbia
Seasoned Clean Tech startup executive
Former Venture Capital Executive inResidence
New England Clean Energy Fellow