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When it comes to engines, bigger doesn’t mean better. Imagine moving 1,000 pound generators (and the fuel to power them) to a desert base. Or powering an unmanned aircraft where weight comes at a premium. We’re actively solving these problems for the military.


Our Generators Are a $100M+ Opportunity

The military needs power in tough to reach spots. Current generators weigh thousands of pounds and guzzle fuel. Ours can be carried by hand.

The military is replacing 30,000 gensets
We’ve won $16M in contracts already
We expect to compete for up to $150M contracts

Why the Military Wants LiquidPiston-powered Drones

The X-Engine power density and ability to efficiently burn military-grade heavy fuels is a big differentiator for this class of engines. Plus, one of the key features of our X-Engine is the ability to turn the engine on and off mid-flight, leveraging an electric motor for quiet cruise or electric-assist sprint and climb modes. Not only does that save fuel, but it lets the drone quietly move into sensitive areas without detection. The innovation made us an award winner in the US Army xTechSearch 3.0 competition.

We Double the Flight Time of Military Drones

Our engine is upgrading the potential of military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 


Smaller launch team


Flight duration


Stealth mode


Pipeline of DoD contracts

Lightweight & Compact

Up to 80% smaller and lighter than the traditional piston Diesel engines.


Only two primary moving parts, optimally balanced.

High-Efficiency and Lower Fuel Consumption

The optimized thermodynamic cycle has the potential to decrease fuel consumption by 30%, thereby lowering CO2 emissions and the cost of running an engine

Quiet and Near-Zero Vibration

With lower pressure exhaust and just two moving components that are optimally balanced, the engine is inherently quiet, and offers exceptionally low vibration.

We have 64 patents, 44 Issued and 20 Pending

We have 64 patents, 44 Issued and 20 Pending

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